Rtist by Zeroo Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2016 by Zeroo Sdn Bhd, Rtist is a designers’ platform that connects businesses from various industries to freelance designers with specialized skill sets.  Rtist facilitates a reliable, satisfying and efficient design experience. One of Rtist’s defining features is its designer rental concept. Businesses “rent” freelance designers on hourly, project or contract basis. Clients can then choose to let the designers work on-site at the client’s office or remotely.

Rtist acts as a bridge that connects clients with the right designers and the company prides itself on its specialty: matching the right designer to the project at hand. The company’s mission is creative professionalism and excellence. This platform makes it simpler for clients to access great design and allow designers the freedom and flexibility to realize their best ideas.

Freelance designers are categorised based on their experience and follows these categories; intern, junior, senior, professional and art directors. Each level commands a different range of fees.

Rtist provides the following services:  Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web and Apps, Video and Animation, Illustration, Creative Writing, Art Direction, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Photography.

Rtist provides the following services:

  • Graphic Design,
  • Industrial Design,
  • Web and Apps,
  • Video and Animation,
  • Illustration,
  • Creative Writing,
  • Art Direction,
  • Fashion Design,
  • Interior Design,
  • Photography.

 Currently, Rtist has more than 680 registered designers from various disciplines as mentioned above, with more than 550 customers from both retail and corporate companies such as Digi, Amway, University of Malaya, Avillion Hotel Group etc. With such a fast-growing number of clients and freelance designers in Malaysia, Rtist plans to expand throughout South-East Asia (SEA). Based on Bloomberg Politics (2017), SEA is forecasted to emerge as a Global Growth Leader. Rtist as a leading designers PaaS provider in Malaysia, will be able to ride on its tailwind and expand its market shares in the Malaysian region, with the SEA market following.

In addition, the company also plans to develop its own mobile application and Cloud technology with an automated matching system to enhance matching efficiency and performance, where clients can rate the designer’s performance and provide feedback that will improve the designer’s portfolio. 


Competitive Edge

Rtist is a platform serving a niche market, focusing on the designer’s marketplace in Southeast Asia. Apart from acting as a marketplace that connects designers with savvy clients, Rtist also provides customizable services that matches the most suitable designer for the different jobs that different clients require. Currently, the preference matching services has an accuracy and satisfaction rate of up to 95%. This service also enables designers to create possible long-term working relationships with their current project clients.  Rtist is now collecting data on matching criteria. Using these data, the company plans to develop a unique set of algorithms that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match customers to designers. It is believed that with this system, the company will be better able to achieve an accuracy rate of up to 99%, giving clients a better satisfaction rate with higher productivity.


The Evolution of Digital Recruitment Platforms

The recruitment trend has been evolving, from traditional paper posting to digital recruitment. Job recruitment has gone beyond online job posting to include innovative capabilities related to big data, mobile, social media and artificial intelligence. Social Media is one of the powerful tool for accessing information on potential candidates. This enables recruiters to tap into the bigger talent pool by engaging passive job seekers. Moreover, mobile technology has ease the job seekers to browse the job opportuities as everyone is with mobile devices on hands to get their email and research potential employers. With the help of Artificial Intelligence together with Big Data analysis, digital recruitment platforms can sort through vast streams of data to find qualified candidates more quickly, predict hiring needs, and increase employee retention. Recruiters even use big data and predictive analytics to determine the willingness of employees to change jobs, by assessing their online behaviour. Advance technology enhancements have created new opportunities but they also bring new risks and problems, particularly, there is a key concern on data security & privacy. As recruitment companies store huge quantities of sensitive data, including contact information, work history, and salary details. Security breaches could be devastating for recruiters and candidates, which will also give rise to privacy hacks causing confidence distortion. In short, employers and recruiters have to adapt and move to the modern recruiting as with the improving and investing in their hiring process will result to get the right skilled person which best fit the organization.


Market Overview

There is a rise in the importance of design especially towards brand recognition and customer retention. So much so that research had reveal that firms rated with “good” design was stronger financially, even after considering the expenditures on industrial design (Julie, Marjorie and Robert, 2004). No doubt this trend is expected to continue far into the future as brand identity and product differentiation becomes increasingly important to secure market share and standout in this increasingly competitive environment. However, it is impractical for all companies to maintain a quality in-house creative department. Therefore, an increasing number of companies shift towards adopting Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO).

Despite CPO being relatively new in the outsourcing industry (as compared to Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing), there is an increasing recognition in the value CPO provides to businesses. Based on a survey conducted by The BOSS Group, Cella Consulting, LLC and InSource (2016) on 435 leaders from in-house creative departments representing Fortune 1000 companies, respondent indicated that the top benefits of outsourcing creative work include additional dedicated resources, more hours of business support and specialized skill sets. CPO is expected to grow even rapidly as the increasingly dynamic business environment makes in-house creative department less practical due to the need of constant scaling.

Besides, the digital payments giant, PayPal released a report highlighting the growth trajectory and latest trends of India’s freelancing sector. According to Mannan (2018)’s article, “India is today the largest freelancer market in the world and poised for growth”. Web and mobile development, web designing, internet research and data entry was revealed as the key focus areas for India freelancers. Also, some of them do engaged other services such as accounting, graphic design, and consultancy.

Increasing demand and activity in PR-related requests are reported by a new generation of online marketplaces for freelancers. These platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, and Toptal. Detailed listings of freelancers, including bios and portfolios, rates and even buyer ratings and reviews, were used to attracting project employers (Daniels 2018).

With this current trend happening around the globe, Rtist and many other platforms providing such services are expected to benefit hugely from this trend. With an emphasis on crowdsourcing through an online platform, Rtist will be able to expand much faster and further as compared to their peers, an important success factor in this industry.